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Queensland Tech has built their own customised platform for AI

AI for the real-world

The problem with most AI language applications is that AI doesn’t have real-time access to data, and unable to perform actual functions.  We’ve built a platform from the ground up that does both.  We’ve given our AI access to real-time data, a technical database and access to 40 different API’s as to be able to perform a number of tasks.

How does it work?

When the user is talking to the AI, the query the user asks is pre-processed which involks our custom made search engine.  The search engine searches through our knowledge database and pulls anything that is or might be relevant to the user’s query; this information is passed to the AI model with the user query. A bit like someone receiving a question with pre-Google search results already in hand. The AI can then review the results and give its own opinion on how it should respond.

The other thing our application does it look at the query to see which API functions might be useful to the AI as to be able to answer the query. We now have a large list of functions, so we now only pass the functions which is likely useful for each particular query.

The AI will either make a response the user, or will make request to call one of the available functions.  If a function request is made, our application calls that function with the parameters the AI has given and the result is passed back to the AI as to process further.  Sometimes, the AI makes multiple function requests before returning with an answer for the user.

So what can it do?

Our AI is able to query real-world data about any website, domain name, hosting, servers, email addresses, phone numbers, call history, places, IP addresses, ABN numbers, exchange rates, country information, weather for any country, or take actual temperature readings, get current time in any country, read and send emails, send SMS, and perform most calculations including the finding the current position of the Sun or Moon for any given location on Earth.  Also able to check on the status of certain devices and able to turn them on or off.

Real examples:

Q: Hi, what kinds of services does Queensland Tech offer?
A: Queensland Tech offers a range of services to help businesses succeed online. Here are some of the services we provide: 1. Website Manag…

Q: What platform do use to build the websites?
A: At Queensland Tech, we primarily use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS) that…

Q: Are your website mobile friendly?
A: Yes, all the websites we build at Queensland Tech are mobile-friendly. As we primarily use WordPress to build websites, it allows us to create responsive designs …

Q: Where are you based?
A: I am based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Queensland Tech operates from this location, offering web design and development services, …

Q: Whats the weather like there?
A: (checking weather..) .. The current weather in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia is cloudy with a temperature of 20°C. There is a southeast wind …

Q: How far is to Hervey Bay from Brisbane?
A: (Calculating distance..) .. The approximate distance between Hervey Bay and Brisbane is 242 kilometres. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Q: I noticed you sell domain names, how much are they?
A: (checking domain status..) .. We offer domain name registration services. The price of a domain name varies depending on the TLD (Top-Level Domain) you choose. For example, the price for a .com domain is $29.

Q: I’m after a domain name, can you help me with that?
A: (checking domain status..) .. I’m sorry, but the domain name “” is currently unavailable for registration….

Q: can you suggest an alternative?
A: (searching domain..) .. Sure! Here are some alternatives for you:   .link / .click / .one domain: These domains are available for registration at $24 per year…

Q: Can you tell me the IP address of the server which hosts
A: (checking status of .. The IP address of the server that hosts is

Q: Is there any email attached to
A: (checking DNS..) .. I’m sorry, but it seems that there are no email records associated with Therefore, there is no email attached to

Q: Can you tell me more about that IP address?
A: (checking IP address..) .. The IP address is associated with the host name It belongs to the Amazon network and the ASN is 16509, which corresponds to AMAZON-02 in the United States. The location of the server is in ….

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