About Us

Queensland Tech like to work closely with their clients; so as you can guess, most of our clients are within Queensland, Australia.  Anything your business needs online, we can sort it for you at price that no-one else in the business can.  We don’t charge market rates, we charge at barely profitable rates, and with a fast responsive service too, it makes it difficult for any of our clients to ever want to leave!

Queensland Tech responded promptly

Seb Gibbs at Queensland Tech responded promptly to my initial enquiry, made useful suggestions and remodelled my Business website efficiently and with flair. I highly recommend his services.

Chris Biggs
26 August 2021

Very reliable, attention to detail

Queensland Tech and in particular; Seb- Web Operations, have been supporting my business for some time and am very grateful.
Very reliable, attention to detail, great communicator and helps a girl out from time to time as certain sticky situations always arise.
Would highly recommend there business. 😁
Deb Hutton
26 August 2021

Best web developer that I have used

Seb is the best web developer that I have used. He knows what to do in all cases. He is diligent and very reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seb for work on your website.

Anne Taylor
19 May 2021