Wide range of ICT help…

  • Email solutions and setup
  • PC/Desktop/Surface/Laptop setup
  • Server/NAS setup
  • Local & Wide Area Networks
  • Network DHCP, DNS, Domain, NTP
  • Network security and virus removal
  • PC/Server real-time data backup
  • Home Entertainment
  • Skype audio/video help
  • VoIP setup/installations/trouble shooting

Cheap business calls…

  • Connect you with extremely cheap unbeatable phone tariffs

  • Setup and install VoIP office phones

Business Data Cloud Backup…

Worried about data loss?   Need some cheap off-site backup space?  No longer need to worry, our solution is easy and cheap!  All your PC/Mac data can be securely backed up.  We have software for you that you can select which folders you want backed up, and whenever a file is added/amended it will send a encrypted copy in the background over to our private server.  In the event of your computer breaking or being stolen, we can give you direct access to your backup files, so you can easily restore the files to any machine of your choosing.

We even keep previous versions of your files, just in case you need that one file you accidentally overwritten.

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Private Local Secure off-site Servers
  • No Additional Hardware Needed
  • Set and Forget
  • PC, Mac and servers

1 terabyte is $20 a month!

Unlimited data usage – no bandwidth cap.
*12 month payment required.

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