Get any email address you want

buy your own domain name, and you will have access to all its possible email addresses.
What you’ll need:
  • $19/yr to own the domain (all prices include GST)
    – different types of domains available (further info)
  • $150/yr to connect unlimited email address services
    – included in our standard hosting (further info)

All our Email packages comes with..

  • Unlimited Domains and subdomains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Spam protection
  • Includes full email hosting and email forwarding options
  • Full DNS editing on domain; A, MX, TXT, etc..
  • Automatic SPF and DKIM keys which improve email delivery
  • Very reliable Australian Servers
  • Phone & email Australian support

Our email packages


  • 50,000MB total storage
  • single address, unlimited aliases
  • built in spam protection
  • can be use with any device/software
  • reliable servers with redundant MX
  • web hosting not included
    (can be added separately)


  • 5,000MB total storage
  • unlimited email & alias addresses
  • built in spam protection
  • can be use with any device/software
  • online webmail included
  • Australia’s most reliable servers
  • includes web hosting
  • our most popular plan


  • 25,000MB total storage
  • unlimited email & alias addresses
  • built in spam protection
  • can be use with any device/software
  • online webmail included
  • reliable servers with redundant MX
  • includes web hosting


  • Microsoft 365 account
  • from Basic to Premium accounts
  • Includes Microsoft Office Apps
  • 1tb OneDrive
  • We can transfer existing 365 accounts
  • Newly available to Queensland Tech

Our Email Security

Our email services is ideal for small businesses.  Our email protection blocks known spam and viruses, and not the emails you’ve been waiting for.  Spam levels can be adjusted up & down, and we also have a unique additional virus protection if needed, which catches new (zero day) viruses which are not known by regular anti-virus vendors.  We send thousands of notifications to anti-virus vendors about new viruses that we’ve discovered, keeping everyone in the community safe.

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What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service that allows individuals or organisations to have their own email addresses using their own domain name. This means that instead of using a generic email address from a provider such as Gmail or Yahoo, you can have an email address that uses your own custom domain name, like . Email hosting services typically include features like webmail access, spam and virus protection, and email storage. Some email hosting providers also offer additional features like calendar and task management, collaboration tools, and more.

Things to consider when choosing an email host

  1. Customisable email signatures: Users can create personalised signatures to include in their outgoing emails.
  2. Email forwarding: Allow email forwarding for incoming emails to another email address, such as their personal email.
  3. Autoresponders: Allows users to set up automatic replies to incoming emails, for example when on vacation or out of office.
  1. Email aliases: Allows users to create additional email addresses that all redirect to the same inbox.
  2. Large attachment support: Different email hosts have different maximum attachment size limits, which can be useful for sharing large files.
  3. Integration with other tools: Allows integrations with other project management software, and more.
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