AI Chat-Bot that can work for your business 24/7

Staying ahead of the competition and ensuring top-notch customer service is a non-negotiable requirement. Queensland Tech’s AI chatbot redefines the way businesses interact with their online audience. Our chat-bot has been designed from the ground up for businesses. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional AI language applications and embrace a solution that takes your online presence to the next level.  Have your AI chatbot:

  • Act as useful customer service support direct to your end-users 24/7
  • Help turn your website visitors into customers
  • Expansive knowledge base that empowers your staff
  • Highly customisable to your needs
AI assistant Powered by Queensland Tech

What can it do for You?

Our website AI chat has been designed from the ground up as to work on any type of website and to be easily customised to your business.  We’ve developed it as to provide the widest range of possibilities while fully leveraging the power of OpenAI GPT technologies.
It can:

  • Query real-world data from other websites, servers, APIs, such exchange rates, weather information etc
  • Reply with knowledgeable data about your business
  • Extract information from databases such as phone numbers, call history, places, ABN numbers, country statistics
  • Communicate with IOT devices, read temperatures, make phone calls, send SMS, send/receive emails and control physical devices
  • Can execute calculations, such as work with prime numbers, and calculate positions of the Sun or Moon for any given location on Earth

Our AI chat bot is not just any chatbot; the online talking AI is an advanced multifaceted tool that empowers your business to provide superior customer support, gather essential information, and perform tasks with ease, which is only available from Queensland Tech.

A Seamless Fusion of Technology and Expertise

The core challenge with most AI language applications is their inability to access real-time data and perform tangible actions. At Queensland Tech, we’ve tackled this issue head-on by developing our own cutting-edge technology. Our AI has access to real-time data, a robust technical database, and an impressive array of 40 different APIs. This empowers our AI to perform a wide range of tasks that were previously beyond the reach of conventional chat bots.

How does it work?

  1. Smart Query Processing: When a user interacts with the AI, their query undergoes meticulous pre-processing. This triggers our custom-made search engine, which scours our extensive self-built knowledge database as to pull information that is relevant to the user’s query. This enables AI to quickly process your request with pre-searched accurate knowledge already in its hand.
  2. AI Involvement: The relevant information from the search engine is presented to our AI model alongside the user’s query. The AI carefully reviews the results and forms its own expert opinion on how to respond effectively.
  3. API Integration: Our platform takes things a step further by analysing the user’s conversation as to determine which of our many API functions could be of value to the AI in answering the query too.  Our platform then makes the AI aware of the functions which are available to it. It might be something simply like requesting real-time weather information.
  4. Action and Response: The AI can then take one of two actions: respond directly to the user or make a request to execute one of the available functions.(or both). If a function request is made, our platform executes the function with the parameters provided by the AI, and the result is fed back to the AI for further processing. Sometimes, multiple function requests are initiated in the background before a comprehensive answer is delivered back to the user.

improved your efficiency with boundless possibilities

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your online presence and engage with your audience like never before. Queensland Tech’s AI chat bot is your gateway to enhanced customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, and boundless possibilities.

Get in touch with us today to learn how our AI chat bot can revolutionise your business. Experience the future of AI-driven customer interactions with Queensland Tech!