How much?

All free!!  Unlike most other providers, we don’t charge anything for transferring domains or hosting, in or out!!

How long?

Depends on the internet protocol for the type of domain you have, some domains can be transferred instantly, most have to go through a 3 day process, some can take 5 days.

Any downtime?

Nope.  We manage the process for you as to ensure you get zero downtime.

Why transfer?

Most of clients transfer to us because our prices are cheaper, and they get much better technical support. domain transfers

Transfer is completely free, we just need your domain (EPP) password.  Takes about 3 days after registered email address verification.   Domain renew dates remain unchanged.

.com & .net domain transfers

We just need your domain (EPP) password.  A domain renewal will have to take place as part of the transfer process.

.uk domain transfers

You will need to unlock your domain, and set the domain tag (IPS TAG) to ‘SYNERGY-AU’.    Once this is done, we can start the transfer process from our end.   This applies to domains such as,,,,, etc..

web hosting transfer

We would require your cpanel username and password.  We are able to transfer hosting servers with no downtime, and we do this free of charge.

The details of the process often depends on the current host provider, but normally we first prepare the current domain DNS and run a backup of your website.  This backup is then used to re-build the website on the new host server.  As soon as we can see it successfully working on the new server, we change the DNS so that services are switch over.