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What is a Change of Registrant (CoR)?

A Change of Registrant, abbreviated as CoR, refers to the official procedure for updating the registrant details associated with an Australian domain name. This change typically involves altering the ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number), or other eligibility details linked to the domain registration. The official document about CoR can be found on the auDA website.

Why is a CoR Necessary?

There are various scenarios that may necessitate a Change of Registrant. For instance, if a business undergoes a change in ownership or if there’s a need to update the legal entity associated with the domain, initiating a CoR becomes imperative. By updating the registrant details, businesses ensure that the domain registration accurately reflects the current ownership or eligibility status.

The CoR Process: Step by Step

  1. Initiate a CoR: The process commences with the initiation of a Change of Registrant request. This can typically be done through the domain registrar or a designated registry service provider.
  2. Confirmation Email: Upon receiving the CoR request, the existing registrant (the current owner of the domain) is sent a confirmation email requesting the details of the new registrant (the entity to which ownership will be transferred).
  3. Entering New Registrant Details: The existing registrant enters the details of the new registrant, including relevant eligibility information such as the ABN or ACN.
  4. New Agreement Sent: Following the submission of new registrant details, a new agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the domain registration is sent to the new registrant for review.
  5. Agreement by New Registrant: The new registrant reviews the agreement and agrees to the terms and conditions outlined therein.
  6. Confirmation by Existing Registrant: Simultaneously, the existing registrant must also confirm their agreement to initiate the CoR process.
  7. ABN Validations: Automated systems conduct ABN validations to ensure the accuracy and validity of the provided information.
  8. Completion Confirmation: Once the CoR process is successfully completed, emails are sent to both the old and new registrants, confirming the finalization of the change in registrant details.

Cost Implications

It’s important to note that a Change of Registrant incurs costs, as the previous registration is cancelled, and a new registration is required. The fee for the CoR process typically includes the re-registration fee, which is determined by the desired duration of the new registration.

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