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For any domain name owner who has lost their password, and can no longer get access their domain, we can help.
Even if you’ve purchased a domain name from someone, and have no idea how to use it.  We can help you reconnect and transfer on to our platform, where you then easily managing your domain name for free, and be able to add services like a website and email accounts.

    Why do people transfer their domain to us?

    We’ll transfer your domain for free

    We have some the cheapest domain prices, happy to transfer you for free from (or to) your current domain registrar.

    Free Domain Parking

    We don’t charge anything extra for domain parking.  Registar your domain today, use it now or later.

    Free DNS Hosting

    Unlike other companies, our DNS hosting is completely free.  Connect your domain to our hosting or any other hosting your prefer to use.

    Renewal Reminders

    We’ll send you a reminder when your domain is near renewal, before it expires!

    More domain options

    Most people use .com.au, but we do have hundreds of other domain extensions to choose from too.

    URL & Email forwarding

    Free option to setup URL and Email forwarding.

    Highly Secure

    Free auLOCKDOWN, WHOIS Privacy Opt-In and DNSSEC Services Available.

    Support Australia

    As well as being Australian owned and run, all services are running on Australian servers.

    Complete Package

    You can do anything with your domain here, as we have the complete package for small and large businesses and real people to talk to.

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