Website Infections

Many business websites unknowingly facilitate viruses due to insecure plugins added by developers.  These viruses typically don’t directly affect the website but hijack the web server CPU to execute their own scripts, resulting in a slow website. These types of viruses often utilise the website for their own advertising purposes, either through pop-ups or by completely taking over the website.  Often, these viruses disguise their activities by making the website appear normal when an administrator logs in.
We’ve create a plugin which monitors failed login attempts, and completely locks out any user that appears to be trying to hack your website.  Use our free security plugin to stop unauthorised WordPress logins and to report their abuse.

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Email Infections

Viruses typically don’t infect an email host directly, but they can steal your email login credentials to hijack Outlook and send unauthorised emails. These viruses send a high volume of emails, none of which will appear in your sent items, but you may receive returned or undelivered messages in your inbox. To resolve this issue, first, check your desktop machine for any viruses, and then change your email password.
If you’re receiving an overwhelming number of unwanted emails in your inbox, we offer world-class software that can quickly clean up your mailbox. Our software removes harmful unwanted emails, leaving only the essential ones you need. We employ a comprehensive virus checking system that scans every attachment in your inbox using 60 different anti-virus vendors. If multiple vendors identify an attachment as a virus, we move the email to a designated “Virus” folder, which you can access and delete. It’s important to note that this service, exclusively developed by QT, cannot be sold due to anti-competitive advantage rules.
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Computer Viruses

If you suspect your computer has a virus or maybe hacked, a full antivirus scan will normally resolve this.  However, some viruses can remain undetected or difficult to remove.  Give us a call if you need some help. Here are our recommendations on which antivirus you should be using.

Firewall Protection

Most firewalls are generally effective in blocking unexpected connections from external sources. However, computer viruses often find ways to bypass firewalls, such as by emailing themselves to you or hiding within downloaded files. If an unfamiliar virus is present on your machine, it will exploit your internet connection to update itself and spread to other users.
While a reliable firewall can allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing connections, it requires a good understanding of what to look for. If needed, we can assist you in setting up a world-class firewall and provide ongoing monitoring support.

SSL Security Certificates

All our websites come with SSL encryption, giving access to secure HTTPS protocol.  This is setup automatically and free of charge using the inbuild cpanel AutoSSL DV certs.  We also offer many other types of certificates such as OV and EV.
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