Website Infections

Many business websites are not aware that their website is also facilitating viruses.  Website security is normally not a problem, but the plugins that developers add to your website often have insecurities which viruses will infiltrate.  A lot of these types of viruses will not affect your website directly, but will hijack your web server CPU to run its own scripts leading to a slow website.  Other viruses will use your website for advertising space, either in the occasional popup or take it over completely.  These viruses often take note of who the administrator is and will make things appear normal only to administrators.
Use our free security plugin to stop unauthorised WordPress logins

Email Infections

Viruses don’t normally infect an Email host, but they will steal your email login credentials to hijack Outlook and send its own emails out.  They send hundreds every minute, none of which will appear in your sent items, but returned/undelivered message will appear in your inbox.  To fix this, check the desktop machine you use to access your emails for any viruses, then change your email password.
If you are receiving an uncontrollable amount of unwanted emails to your inbox, we have world class software that will clean this up within minutes.  Our software will remove all the harmful unwanted emails from your mailbox leaving you with just the emails you need.  Our virus checking software will check every attachment in your inbox with 60 different anti-virus vendors as to be sure which ones really do have virus, and which do not; If more than a couple vendors say its a virus, then we move the email to a ‘Virus’ folder which you can go in to and delete.  This is a service only; exclusively developed by QT and can-not be sold due to anti-competitive advantage rules.
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Computer Viruses

If you suspect your computer has a virus or maybe hacked, a full antivirus scan will normally resolve this.  However, some viruses can remain undetected or difficult to remove.  Give us a call if you need some help.

Firewall Protection

Most firewalls are adequate, they should be blocking all unexpected connections from external sources.  But most computer viruses bypass this by emailing themselves to you or by embedded within a downloaded file.  If an unknown virus is running on your machine, it will be using your internet connection to update itself and to send more copies of the virus to other users.  A good firewall will allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing connections, but you will need good knowledge of what to look for.  We can help set up a world class firewall, and help monitor it too if required.