Maintenance plan includes

  • Keep WordPress theme and plugins, and core up-to-date, always getting the latest software
  • Performance and security improvements.  Avoid breaking your site when plugins conflict!
  • Website monitoring.  If it goes down, we’ll work hard to get the website back up and running quickly
  • Get priority phone and email support
  • Regular backups
  • Hack recovery: If your website gets hacked, we’ll recover your website for you, for free

..all for $300 per year

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a popular web platform software.  Help to make your website much easier to build and maintain.

  • Popular
  • Flexibility
  • SEO friendly
  • Standards
  • Responsive
  • Optimisation
  • Pricing
Why with Queensland Tech?
  • We use all the right tech on our platform.
  • Feature rich inclusions
  • Low hosting pricing
  • Free backups available
  • Best support