The cheapest possible prices

while providing premium services

Websites.. / / domain$19/yr
.name / .link / .click / .one$24/yr
.com domain$29/yr
web & email hosting (5000MB cpanel storage)$150/yr
web & email hosting (16000MB cpanel storage)$480/yr
dns hosting (with domain or web host)free
standard ssl (with web hosting)free
domain transfer
(inbound & outbound)
wordpress install and setup$250
typical business wordpress website build
(complete package)


email plus (5000MB storage extra protection & unlimited users)$150/yr
secure file storage (1000GB storage)$240/yr
SEO essential package$225
SEO advanced package$685
SEO ultimate package$2,240
extra developer time$85/hr
out of contract support$85/hr
contacted hours$75/hr


All these SSL Certificates meet the government approved AES-256 bit encryption standards required for HIPAA compliance, and 100% browser/server compatible.

*Trustwave SSL are due to be replaced with new Apple/Google industry standards in Aug 2020

Trustwave Domain Validated SSL – 1 Year$40
Trustwave Domain Validated SSL – 2 Year$53
Trustwave Domain Validated SSL – 3 Year$62
Trustwave Premium SSL – 1 year$106
Trustwave Premium SSL – 2 year$185
Trustwave Premium SSL – 3 year$237
Trustwave Premium Extended Validation SSL – 1 Year$281
Trustwave Premium Extended Validation SSL – 2 Year$481
Trustwave Premium Wildcard SSL – 1 Year$237
Trustwave Premium Wildcard SSL – 2 Year$422
Trustwave Premium Wildcard SSL – 3 Year$544
Dedicated IP (required with SSL)$53

We’ve held these prices for 3 years, and intend to hold them for the next 10 years*.
*.com/.biz domain pricing changed in 19th March 2020 from $24 to $29 due to exchange rate fluctuations.